Welcome to My Blog

Hello, internet.

This is my blog.  The header title comes from a song by the Ataris.  The full lyric is, “on random notes of parchment, I’m scrawling my existence…dressed in white.”  The description comes from a Fall Out Boy song.  I know that twenty-somethings who graduated from prestigious private universities are only supposed to acknowledge the existence of pop culture when they engage in facebook wars over whether Batman is a paternalistic capitalist and Spiderman is really the superhero of the working class, but I have to admit a weakness for early 2000’s emo music.  There, now that that’s out of the way, what is this blog about, anyway?

I write.  I read.  I’ll be writing about writing and you can read about my reading.  I’ll write about life.  And maybe, when I’m being completely sincere, I’ll be funny.  I’m told that the less I try, the funnier I am, with the result being that when I’m at my most earnest, I’ve got my family in stitches.

So, here goes.


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